Sleeping Kitten Premium Jigsaw Puzzle (96, 252, 500, 1000-Piece)

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There's something completely wholesome about seeing a kitten taking a nap. It stands in stark contrast to their waking hours when they're verifiable bundles of energy and excitement and cuddles and terror. It's watching them sleep when one could be forgiven for mistaking their docile state with total world peace. And now with this sleeping kitten jigsaw puzzle, this beautiful and serene moment can be captured and shared with friends and family.

Our puzzles are available in 96, 252, 500, or 1,000-piece variations and come in a thick, rigid, mat black box for easy storage. The lid of the gift-ready box matches the puzzle's design.

.: Premium quality puzzle - 96, 252, 500 and 1000 pieces
.: Comes in a thick and rigid mat black cardboard box
.: Printed lid decal matches the puzzle inside