1. White Mars Impact Crater Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece)

Mars Impact Crater Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece)

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A new impact crater that has appeared on the surface of Mars, formed at most between September 2016 and February 2019.

What makes this stand out is the darker material exposed beneath the reddish dust. It looks blue because it's a false color image, which combines several color filters to enhance differences between material compositions. The light blue indicates an absence of brighter, redder dust where the impact blast scoured the surface, revealing bedrock below. The very bright blue could be ejecta with a different composition that was thrown by the impact.

The blue color isn't ice. This impact was near the equator, not in a region where we'd expect shallow ice below the surface.


Size Guide

Made up of 1,000 pieces, the jigsaw is 700 x 510mm when complete


Product Specification

Designed with the environment in mind using natural materials, the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle is made from 100% recycled cardboard and UV inks. When complete, it is 700x510mm.